The Society considers it as a part of sacred duty to impart knowledge and to mould character of those entrusted to their care. With the subjective we aim at an Integral development ie. Intellectual, social, moral and physical education of Students. We are providing a fine blend of modern Education techniques with time tested ideas and ideals. AFFILIATION AND ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION HAPPY ENGLISH SCHOOL  is recognized   by the Directorate of Education, Govt. of Delhi. The School Offers various courses of study on the pattern suggested by NCERT. The School have academically been organized into Primary, Middle, Secondary & Sr. Secondary level Classes for formal Education. During initial stage no formal Education is given to the children. The prime medium of instructions is English at all levels.


Summer : 08:00 A.M.  to  01:20 P.M.

Winter   :  08:20 A.M.  to  01:40 P.M.